Red Riding-Hood GAme

A game to teach the children the phrases in red riding hood


On the board, write the first sentence of the game/theatre/chant, for both Little Red Riding Hood and the Big Bad Wolf;

Grandma, you have big eyes!

Grandma, you have big ears!

Grandma, you have big hands!

Grandma you have a big nose!

Grandma, you have a big mouth!

Grandma, you have big teeth

Better to see you!

Better to hear you!

Better to touch you!

Better to smell you!

Better to speak to you!

Better to EAT you!!!


1 Tell the children that together they are going to act out part of the story of Little Red Riding Hood. If they do not know the story, tell them briefly that a Big Bad Wolf is dressed up in Grandma’s clothes and is sitting up in Grandma’s bed when Little Red Riding Hood comes to bring gifts to her grandmother. She is surprised to see the change in her grandmother’s appearance and has a conversation with the wolf.

2 Divide the class into two teams. One half of the class will play the part of Little Red Riding Hood and the other half will play the part of the Big Bad Wolf.

3 The first team begins by reading from the board “Oh, Grandma you have big eyes!” Encourage the children to speak with great surprise.

4 The second team then has to read out what the wolf does with his eyes, e.g. See. They then chant back “better to see you”. The wolf’s tone suggests that he is only pretending to be friendly and charming.

5 The first team then chooses another part of the body. From here on, the children use the pattern of the first sentence and add their own suggestions. They continue their chant: “Grandma, you have big . . . “. Make sure they leave teeth until the very last.

6 The second team decides what the wolf could do with this part of the body, and they chant back “Better to . . ., “

7 The chant continues until they come to the teeth. This is the climax of the story, when the wolf reveals his true intentions, i.e. to eat Little Red Riding Hood. Encourage the children to really dramatise this part of the story. they then need to catch the children who were playing Red Riding hood